Have a WIP.

Honestly - drawing weapons is pretty tiring, but it’s a CS:GO themed illustration, so.

Happy since my new work/gaming/relax station is up! The room is as small as comfrotable and the red walls give a nice feeling - Might post some proper photos in the next days.

I still need to properly calibrate the monitor, I’ve been testing my gaming pc with various gaming sessions so I took plenty of screenshots aswell; I made a tumblr and a flickr account for that aswell - no, I’m not obsessed - (that’s my old laptop, say goodbye, it’s gone into better hands)

Can’t wait to start doung something illustration-wise!

If anyone’s wondering, this is the same person who runs tildspire, that’s where the follow comes from.

Along with the inspiration-sharing blog, I wanted to have a personal art-related one aswell .(read the first post)

Also because I’d rather don’t fill tildspire’s followers with my personal stuff and I’m obsessed with keeping my blogs well categorised.

This is pretty new but I’ll be updating soon - If you’re interested, you can follow me here :)

I was caring for some plants the other day and dying Azalea flowers fell off. Those are now framed, I thought it would have made a nice add to my new studio.

Maybe I’d be supposed to sketch on paper for some digital illustration - yet in the last days I’ve been sketching on Photoshop for some upcoming watercolour. I’ve decided I’ll concentrate on female portraits, this is a little sneak peek. I plan to paint quite anonymous faces, though I’ve used myself as a reference here. It will be made soon enough (I hope) on my A3 watercolour sketchbook.